Located off Amsterdam’s Museumplein, Yerba is a ‘plant forward’ restaurant space that offers creative, seasonal and a new alternative way of dining. Started by a husband-and-wife team, chef Walter Marskamp and sommelier Sally Mitchell, the pair returned to Amsterdam to leave their own stamp on the Dutch restaurant scene in February 2018. The duo is all about growing their own vegetables as well as working with local producers, farmers and fisherman.

Whilst a predominantly plant-based establishment, Yerba does offer the option of meat pairings for those omnivores seeking a taste of everything this experience has to offer! With sustainable eating at the core of their ethos, Yerba only offers animal products from traceable sources and continues not to serve meat or poultry of industrial origin. With a variety of plant based inspired cookbooks and educational links on their website, Yerba wants to leave a lasting impact not only on the planet but also their guests.

Boasting the opportunity to indulge in a four – six course a la carte tasting menu (with or without wine pairing), Yerba takes customers on an exciting journey through their engaging food plates, offering a taste of sustainable vegetable and plant dishes of the season:


Course 1 – Roasted Celeriac Dip with Seeds and Toasted Bread

Offering a distinct celeriac flavour which lingers after eating, the soft, creamy texture pairs perfectly with the toasted bread. The seeds add a nutty note to the dish, with the spices rounding it off for an overall mellow flavour.

Course 2- Leek Cheese, Orange and Apricot Seasonal Chutney and Toasted Bread

Coated in a garlic casing, the leek cheese has a creamy flavour profile that forms a contrast to the tanginess of the orange and apricot chutney. The pairing together forms a sweet, creamy balance, with the bitterness from the chutney cutting through the richness of the cheese.

Course 3- Kimchi Mandu, Fresh Radish Salad and Ginger Dipping Sauce

Crispy mandus with a spicy fermented filling, served with a sweet ginger sauce and radish salad that adds a freshness to the dish.

Course 4- Beetroot Tartare, Horseradish, Baby Parsley, and Roggebrood with Smoked Chestnuts

The beetroot tartare adds an earthiness to the dish, with its sweet floral notes contrasting with the spicy horseradish marinade. Topped with crumbled roggebrood, giving the dish a unique rye flavour.

Course 5- Mafaldine Cacio E Pepe, Roasted Salsify, Baby Basil with Lemon, and Truffle Oil Sauce Topped with Toasted Almonds

An indulgent fresh pasta dish in a rich creamy truffle sauce, with hints of lemon and pieces of roasted salsify; topped with toasted almonds for an added crunch.

Course 6 – Salt Baked Celeriac Schnitzel with a Mushroom Crumb served with a Fermented Chilli Parsnip Hot Sauce and Garlic Buttered Kale

A softly baked celeriac filled schnitzel topped with the meaty mushroom crumb creates a great texture combination. The pairing of the parsnip hot sauce offers a good balance between spicy and sweet in dish.

Course 7- Grilled King Bolete and Mushroom Croquettes Served with Pak Choi and Vadouvan Foam

The bolete and mushroom croquettes create a meaty texture to this course, offering deep roasted mushroom notes and a creamy flavour. The Vadouvan foam offers an overall earthy essence to the dish.

Course 8 – Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream with Candied Adzuki Beans served with Orange Cake and Lychee Foam

This dessert is the perfect balance of sweetness, with its dense texture and zesty flavour. The lychee foam is smooth and soft with a subtle fruitiness at the end. The coffee ice cream mirrors the texture of gelato, creamy with a rich denseness.

We feel Yerba offers a glimpse and taste of the future for the foodie world. With a highlighted importance of connecting with our food, plant-based products and sustainability, Yerba is setting an example within the industry to support our planet.

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