Wylam Brewery were at it again with their iconic yearly celebration of the burger, hosting over 20 venders all battling to win the best burger! An evening filled with sizzling grills, delicious aromas, and a friendly yet fierce competition among some of Newcastle’s top burger joints.

Here is a roundup of what we ate:

Twisted Chick, ‘Sweet Cheesus’ – Buttermilk fried chicken, cheese whiz, bacon crunch, jalapeno jello, pickled cabbage citrus mayo, Nashville hot honey in a sugar donut.

The Sweet Cheesus burger is every foodie’s dream – served in a donut, this burger delivered a good balance of heat from the hot honey and jalapeno jello. We loved the combination of the sweet and savoury flavours, and this burger was the most innovative creation we saw!

Slack Jaws, ‘Pepper Jaw’ – Signature 2oz patty, mature cheddar cheese, peppered pastrami, Guinness & beef dripping, caramelised onions, topped with peppercorn sauce.

A personal favourite for our team! The Guinness and beef dripping onion rings really delivered in this burger masterpiece.

Drum N Thigh, ‘Buffalo Bill’ – Fried chicken sandwich, house made buffalo sauce, dill pickles, buttermilk ranch, ranch slaw in a brioche bun.

A homemade buffalo sauce that had the perfect balance of hot and sour flavours. We loved this flavour combination, and the pickled cabbage offered a unique filling alternative to lettuce.

Tiger Grill, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ – A signature beef patty topped with cheese, tiger claw slaw, crispy onions, bourbon whiskey peppercorn sauce, served in a toasted brioche bun.

Rumble in the Jungle offered a great texture and flavour throughout! The peppercorn sauce and brioche bun really elevated this burger!

Congratulations to the Scranners Arms for defending their title as the 2024 winners with their winning ‘Radgie Chicken Burger’ for a second year in a row – Salt-n-pepper chilli, hoisin, spice, sriracha- it’s like a rave on ya tongue!

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply a burger enthusiast, there’s something undeniably infectious about the energy of this annual event! Until next year’s showdown!

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