Delamina Kitchen was founded by husband and wife, Limor & Amir, with an aim to develop restaurants and other projects inspired by Limor’s fusion of Eastern Mediterranean home cooking and upbringing in Tel Aviv. Having set up their residency at Shoreditch House, the duo opened their first restaurant Delamina EAST in Shoreditch, followed by Delamina in Marylebone.

Both restaurants are designed by Limor and Amir to offer an informal, welcoming dining experience, reflecting their love of organic resources and the warm hospitality of their country of origin.

Limor is the driving force behind the menu, having been born in Tel Aviv to a family of Middle Eastern and European origin, she draws inspiration from her Father who exposed her to the myriad of flavours, herbs, and spices of the region. The menu is influenced by Limor’s interest in healthy eating, focusing on grilling and roasting cooking methods whilst celebrating raw ingredients.

Alongside their menu filled with nutritious unique flavour combinations, Delamina offers a carefully curated drinks list of Middle Eastern wines and house cocktails that incorporate the same aromatic ingredients used in the kitchen.

Rosemary Mule Cocktail (Vodka, Fresh Rosemary and Rosemary Syrup Lime Juice and Ginger Beer)

A warming ginger beer-based cocktail with fragrant notes of freshly picked rosemary and a hint of lime.

Smokey Aubergine, Tahini, and Zhoug Dip 

The tahini and zhoug dip offered a rich, nutty roasted flavour, with savoury garlic notes and a drizzle of fresh zhoug. The aubergine added a smoky savoury flavour to the dish, complemented by the roasted notes of the tahini. Paired with a soft fluffy pita bread to dip.

Charred Cauliflower, Lemon Infused Crème Fraiche, Pomegranate Molasses and Seeds

The cauliflower was pleasantly firm and drizzled in a creamy, zesty lemon crème fraiche and sweet pomegranate molasses that cut through the crème fraiche. The dish offered a great mix of soft and crunchy charred textures with umami, sweet and sour flavours.

Free Range Chicken Ras-el-Hanout 

Served off the bone, grilled on charcoals with a roasted sweet potato puree and barberries. The charred succulent chicken with ras-el-hanout spice paired well with the soft, creamy, roasted sweet potatoes and sour barberries. This dish is full of earthy, spicy, and sweet notes.

House Beef Shawarma with Dates & Pine Kernels on Grilled Pita, Salad of House Pickles, Garden Vegetables & Herbs, Tahini

Tender and slightly charred spiced beef strips placed on a fluffy pita, sprinkled with cubes of tomato, cauliflower, cucumber and red pepper, pine kernels, sticky sweet dates, fresh dill and drizzled in an umami nutty tahini. This dish offered a great array of flavours which really complimented each other.

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