We attended the World’s biggest annual Food and Beverage event, Gulfood. The biggest edition in Gulfood’s history brought together over 5,500 leading food and beverage companies, showcasing 150,000+ new products from more than 190 countries! It has redefined the boundaries of the F&B industry, fostering collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for a better food future.

We’ve highlighted some standout brands from the event:

Chazz Chips

Chazz’ goal is to enliven the snack shelves, introducing a variety of bold flavours and offer a healthier alternative. Their brand proves hard to miss, perfect as a gift, fun-loving friend or even parties to get the crowd talking. We tried three of their flavours; Jalapeno Habanero, Flaming Ghost and Carolina Reaper. Certainly not for the faint hearted, these chips got the senses lit!

JD’s Hot Honey

With hot honey taking off in the US as a cooking ingredient, it helped attract a young crowd to honey, and we are seeing an ever growing movement of hot chilli in the UK. From pizza drizzles, cocktail additions, butter infuser and an ice-cream elevator, the possibilities of hot honey are endless! JD’s hot honey begun as a concept for pizza and after that became a must on fried chicken, fish, roasted veg, BBQ’s and just about anything! Using specifically red jalapenos, this hot honey delivers the sweetness of honey and the gentle, rising heat of chilli that comes with jalapenos.

Loro Crisps

Loro Crisps founders Natalia and Daniela grew up in Colombia, where parrots and exotic animals are regular parts of daily life. Both had parrots as pets and one of them was called Pepe. As ‘loro’ is Spanish for ‘parrot’, Natalia and Daniela decided Loro Crisps was the perfect name to bring this favourite Colombian plantain snack to the UK. He’s representing the best of Colombia and he’s on a mission. A parrot’s mission. To share his favourite crisps around the world! From Colombia, Loro Crisps are plantain crisps with four flavours. Zipaquira Salt, Uraba Sunshine, Quimbaya Limon and Latin Chilli. Full on flavour as well as high fibre, potassium, low in sodium and less sugar, these snacks pack a real authentic punch.

Gulfood was a fantastic opportunity for Dalziel to showcase our capabilities in the UK Pavilion. We gained inspiration and enjoyed connecting with other key industry experts whilst exploring the innovations and trends shaping the future!