As the colour of the leaves change, so do the ones on our plate. The colder months lend themselves to the comfort of winter warmers, one-pot wonders, and rich autumnal produce. Warm orange pumpkin, deep burgundy beetroot, golden crumbles, and many more make up this season’s foodie colour pallette.

From slow cooked classics to authentic globally inspired dishes and hot heat products. Think warming curries packed full of spices to Persian, Middle Eastern and Japanese inspired pulled meats, all highlighting how flavours from the summer months have pushed through into Autumn comforts.

It’s not just about sweet treats, since Marks and Spencer launched a range of meaty Halloween treats back in 2019, from hocus pocus patties to ghostly chicken goujons.

It didn’t take long for Aldi to jump on board and follow M and S with its range of meaty Halloween treats, with similar orange and black vibrant packaging.

Another spooky edition for 2022 is Heinz black garlic mayo’s. Combining Heinz’s vegan mayonnaise with black garlic, a perfect condiment for Halloween. The mayo packs a punch and could easily be used to warn off the vampires!

Some may believe that Halloween is a sweet-toothed paradise, but for the savoury-favoured among us we’ve created 3 spookalicious delicious recipes.




Fancy something different for the kids this Halloween? We’ve got you covered! This spooky spider meatloaf is a horrifyingly delicious addition to any Halloween dinner menu!

Make it a spooktacular Halloween with these delicious fiery hot dogs. Adults will go all-zombie over them! The charcoal bun and blood sauce are the perfect addition for an adult Halloween party.

With sharp cheese ‘teeth’, gherkin ‘tongues’ and stuffed olive ‘eyeballs’, these scary bat burgers are perfect for rustling up for a kids’ Halloween party. They’re quick and easy and sure to spook!

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