Earlier this month we spent a few days in Hamburg, Germany attending Snackex 2022, where the snack industry comes together. After months of hard work, we were happy to highlight our flavour innovations inspired by street food as well as showcasing all that Dalziel Ingredients offers.

As a supplier of ingredients to the snack industry, we wanted to show our is dedication to exploring the next key trends that reflect the current food industry and our predictions for what’s next.

Consumers are looking to escape. In current circumstances it may not be financially feasible to travel the world, so consumers are looking to travel with their tastebuds. Consumers are becoming more adventurous and craving flavours from around the globe!

Samples of the below street food flavours are available. Please email development@dalziel.co.uk or call +44 (0)191 469 3078 to arrange.

Let’s explore the flavours!

Tastes of Asia

Asia’s street food scene is diverse and differs from region to region so authentic ingredients are key when recreating traditional recipes.

One of Thailand’s hottest street food dishes, Pad Thai consists of rich, vibrant flavours, from fish sauce, sour vinegar to sweet honey. What makes our seasoning stand out is the bold, rich umami notes that makes this dish comforting.

Expect sweet, salty and smoky flavours from our next taste of Asia. Yakitori gets its popularity in Japan due to its ease of preparation and convenient format on a skewer, with a salty-sweet sauce consisting of mirin, sake, soy sauce and sugar. Appealing to those who love the taste of Asian however, without the intense heat.

Originating in South India, however, now popular across the whole of India, Masala Dosa is a savoury street food dish made with parboiled rice, potato and seasoned with spices. It delivers a slightly tangy flavour due to the fermentation of the Dosa batter, however this is balanced out by the spiced potato masala filling.

With a combination of savoury/meaty flavours and spice being the two top flavour preferences when eating world cuisine, it is no wonder Salt and Pepper Chicken has become one of the most popular dishes on Chinese restaurant and takeaway menus. Our final taste of Asia.

Tastes of Americas


When dreaming about the streets of New York, there’s only one street food dish we think about… the NYC Hot Dog! Smoky hot dog with flavours of tangy tomato and hot mustard, not forgetting the onions – delicious!

Our tastebuds then transported to Argentina with the popular street food Choripan. Choripan is best described as the Argentinia version of the American Hot Dog or German Bratwurst. Think smoky, chorizo sausage, topped with fresh chimichurri in crusty bread. This dish is sold on almost every street corner in big cities across Argentina and is perfectly paired with a cold beer.

Next, a simple, but delicious street food originating in Quebec, Canada. French Fries topped with cheese curds and a rich brown gravy, Classic Poutine.

Our last taste of America is the national dish of Mexico, it is no wonder Tacos are one of their most popular street food dishes. With so many different variations, a classic Taco seasoning presents the earthy and herbal notes of cumin and oregano at the forefront and the heat of chili powder and other spices form the background notes.

Tastes of Europe & Middle East

We started with tradition and being one of the most popular and famous British dishes, Fish and Chips is a winner. A traditional favourite that consumers describe as appetising and flavourful, a true taste of the seaside with the combination of battered fish and salt and vinegar drenched chip flavours.

Currywurst, one of Germanys most popular street food dishes, originally gaining its popularity with construction workers in the country’s capital. Consisting of a traditional German sausage topped with a tomato-based curry sauce. Expect sweet tangy tomato flavours paired with the combination of deep, earthy spices from the curry powder complete with the meaty taste of Bratwurst.

Now, we couldn’t forget about Pizza. Originating in Italy, Pizza has become one of the world’s most popular foods. The reason for its popularity comes down the fact people are drawn to foods which are fatty and sweet, and rich and complex. With the endless combinations of toppings, pizza provides all of these. Fresh mozzarella cheese, sweet tomato and fragrant basil.

A popular street food throughout the Middle East, Grilled Lamb Shawarma. Expect the complex flavour of turmeric, lime, cinnamon and cardamon delivering both tangy and warm notes. Pair this with smoky, charred, gamey taste of Grilled Lamb for an explosion of well-matched flavours well loved by many.

Wild Card










Not forgetting the Dalziel Ingredients Scottish heritage. Hot fitting to have a wild card flavour pairing warming peppery haggis with hot, hot chilli – Hot Haggis!  We couldn’t forget to include a seasoning true to our roots.

If you would like samples of the above authentic street food flavours please email development@dalziel.co.uk or call +44 (0)191 469 3078.

For media enquiries, please email: mary.niven@dalziel.co.uk