Data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey indicated that only 9% of adults currently meet the dietary recommendation for fibre. The FDF commissioned a survey of 1,000 adults, which found that only one in three people (33%) were aware of the recommended adult amount of 30g fibre per day (Grocer), with the average adult eating only 19g daily. With this insight, it is clear there is a need for further action to increase fibre intakes, and for greater awareness of how we can consume more fibre as well as the benefits this brings.



Fibre has many health benefits including; improvement in gastrointestinal condition, aids weight management with high volume of food but lower calorie intake and adds bulk to create the ‘full’ feeling, increases gut microbiome health by increasing diversity and richness of gut health – fibre produces short chain fatty acids which improves gut to brain signalling and therefore can improve physical and mental well-being, it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation.


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Fruit, vegetables, grains are cereals are commonly known as good sources of fibre, however, there is a lot of research around new sources of fibre that are sustainable, including; seaweed and waste fruit products. Fibre is now being seen as the new ‘protein’ and consumers are demanding enriched foods. Combining consumer awareness and a new initiative launched by The Food & Drink Federation called Action on Fibre could be the answer to increasing consumer fibre intake. The initiative would bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation by “making higher-fibre diets more appealing, normal and easy for the population”, it said. Many large food manufacturers have signed up to these pledges, from highlighting higher-fibre options on their product packaging to committing to launching new products that are higher in fibre.

How can we help?

Incorporating fibre within food manufacturing can improve product texture, fibre can be used as a bulking agent, manage moisture to simulate fatty mouth feel, gelling abilities, can increase shelf life due to water binding properties. If this is an area of interest, please contact our team for bespoke seasons.

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