Now that The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, we’re looking for the perfect sponge! We’ve all had a baking disaster but we’re here to help support your bakery needs and skills.

Sunken Spongecake 1

This has happened to the best of us, but why?! There are a couple of reasons for this result, firstly the oven door could’ve been opened during cooking, secondly the cake could be under baked. To prevent this, simply insert a skewer in the sponge and when the cake is cooked, it should come out clean, the top of the sponge should also bounce back when pressed gently.


Dense Sponge

A light and airy sponge is key to a delicious cake! Not enough raising agent in the dry mixture can cause a heavy, dense sponge. Creating air within the batter is key to a fluffy sponge – ensure you take time in creaming the butter and sugar.




Cracked Top

The cake has risen too much and then collapsed. Either the oven was set too high or too much raising agent was added. When the cake is placed in an oven too high; the crust is formed too soon, the cake continues to rise, therefore the crust cracks.



Speckled Top

A speckle topped caked can occur when granulated sugar is used instead of caster sugar or too much sugar is in the recipe. The flecks appear when the sugar hasn’t been dissolved sufficiently.

How can we help?

There are many ways we can help your bakery queries. Our team can help improve your bakery blends through flavour innovation but also using functional ingredients.

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