Why is seaweed predicted to be an up-and-coming food trend? At Dalziel Ingredients we have seen an increased interest in Seaweed. Not only does seaweed have strong health benefits, it is also packed full of flavour and gives a deep, rich umami taste, the perfect addition to global cuisines.

Waitrose revealed that this year, sales of seaweed have been up 23% when compared to last year and up an impressive 71% increase when compared to 2018. As well as adding depth of flavour to several dishes, seaweed has countless health benefits.


It is a great source of natural iodine and is the only natural and plant-based source of essential iodine; a staggering 76% of girls in the UK are iodine deficient however, the amount can vary significantly based on seaweed type, the region in which it grew and its preparation. Within our development, we use PureSea smoked and natural seaweed, which delivers on taste, appearance and also health benefits, in fact, 1 teaspoon of PureSea seaweed contains the same amount of iodine as 12 whole mackerel! It’s nutrient rich profile doesn’t end at iodine. It contains sources of iron; B vitamins; manganese; copper; vitamins A, C, E and K; zinc; potassium and magnesium.

How Can We Help?

Seaweed offers an immediate flavour intensity in meat and fish products, delivering umami notes throughout. Pairing seaweed with ingredients such as miso, wasabi and oregano can pack a punch of flavour and we have found that seaweed acts as a flavour enhancer. If you’re seeking salt replacement inspiration, seaweed could also be your answer! We have found using seaweed can deliver natural salty notes, meaning it can be used as a salt substitute.

We can offer market research, flavour inspiration, and help you keep up to date with new, up and coming ingredients! Please get in contact for any support.

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