As summer fast approaches, we’re compiling our global review of summer eating and predicting what will be hot next year.

In ‘Summer Insights’ we investigate world cuisine, what’s current and trending in this summer’s most popular food products.

We break down what the nation will be eating next summer.  And, importantly, how food manufacturers can use this information to create their next big products for consumers.

Compiled by our new product development and marketing team, Summer Insights is an invaluable resource for manufacturers and will be available from 1 June 2020.

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Presentations will be web based so the viewers can be in the office or at home and still get all the information they would need if presented in person.

‘Summer Insights’ provides detailed review of a broad range of this summer’s top food products in retail and food service, from meat and fish to vegetarian and vegan.

We evaluate current and past trends to help you keep ahead on new concepts and flavours.

This is how we help you develop new food ideas for innovative, great tasting, commercially viable end-products.

Based on our own international research, we advise you on exciting ways to add a new twist to your summer eating products.

We take influences from global flavours including Asian and Middle Eastern, from the street markets of Marrakesh to Rio, and look at what’s big in street food from Mexican to South Eastern Asia.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic will inevitably influence food trends.

Although the current situation is in a state of flux, we look in greater detail at world cuisine and predictions.

The delay of world events like the Tokyo Olympics means retailers will push back their food ideas to next year.

We expect to see Asian food and what’s trending in Japanese restaurants as one of the big food trends.

Last year’s summer eating report of supermarket trends showed all things spicy continued to be a hot favourite.  Other hot trends included variations of BBQ, fruity mango, world flavours influenced by street food, the addition of sauce sachets and boozy flavours.

The nation’s continued craving for sausages and burgers saw new variations of footlong hot dogs, boozy bangers, firecracker chicken wings, ancho chilli and lime belly slices and jalapeno beef kebabs.

‘Summer Eating Insights’ is one of a series of foodservice market reports published by Dalziel Ingredients, which also includes a sausage report, Snacks report and Christmas review.

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