Dalziel Ingredients invites visitors to SNACKEX 2019 in Barcelona to take the “4 Chilli Challenge”.

As part of our range of exciting new and innovative snack flavours our development team have created the “4 Chilli Challenge” snack flavour using a special blend of spices including habanero, birds eye, Carolina Reaper and cayenne chilli peppers.

If you can take the heat please join Dalziel Ingredients on stand 213 to take the 4 chilli challenge and sample the rest of the specially developed range of flavours that could help drive sales of your snack products worldwide.

Dalziel Ingredients specialises in supplying bespoke innovative snack seasonings, flavours and blended ingredients around the world for a huge range of market leading snack products – from crisps, nuts, popcorn, maize snacks, pretzels, cracker crisps, peas, beans, dried fruit, pulses, even insects.