Green is ‘on trend,’ so we’ve created some quirky new techniques to meet demand for innovative vegetable products.
It follows the rise of spiralizing, cauliflower rice, flexitarian, hidden veg and the general reduction of carbohydrates in diets.
We’ve developed bespoke concepts featuring coloured batter for deep fried vegetable snacks, and unusual flavour sprinkles.
Examples include coloured, textured and high visual batters for tempura vegetables, flavour sprinkles, coatings and crumbs for cauliflower, and other vegetarian products.

They are being used to customise vegetable products for food manufacturers, food service and retailers.
Fran Hutton, Product Development Manager at Dalziel Ingredients, says this reflects our approach to pushing boundaries with new techniques and products.

“There is ever growing demand from food processors and retailers for innovation concepts to take the health benefits of vegetables and increase their appeal to people of all ages.

“We help clients look for interesting ways to add a new twist to their menus. At our state-of-the-art development centre, we focus on taking ideas and delivering appealing, commercially viable end-products.”

All Dalziel Ingredients’ products – seasonings, complete mixes, rubs, glazes, functional blends, batters, crumbs, snack seasonings, cures and brines – can be developed as gluten free, and existing products can re reformulated to be gluten free.
Our product development team advises food manufacturers on new flavour concepts and trends, market analysis, factory processes, recipe formulations and product quality enhancements.

Functionality, appearance and flavour are all important trademarks of the Dalziel Group, which has a heritage as a market leading, family owned food service specialist going back nearly 90 years.