Fast food restaurants and takeaways can recreate the legendary taste of authentic Piri Piri chicken with our premium range of marinades and bastes.

Our Sauce-It Piri Piri Marinades & Bastes are offered in four spicy flavours – mild, hot, extra hot and lemon & herb – and are made with authentic bird’s eye chili peppers.

The base marinade and bastes powders are ready blended with the finest ingredients and are hydrated with oil and water.

And they are quick and easy to use, says Key Account Manager Karen Waite.

She said: “We’ve made it easy to recreate the perfect Piri Piri chicken for takeaways, fish and chips shops and any other fast food outlets selling chicken.

“Simply marinade in the fridge for at least three hours, pre-cook the chicken so it’s ready when needed, and finish by basting the chicken on the grill with your customer’s favourite flavour, and serve.”

Our base marinade ensures the flavour penetrates the meat ensuring consistent flavour throughout the chicken.

There’s great potential to boost profits too, because we don’t just use any chili powder, we use bird’s eye chili peppers to create the truly authentic taste of Piri Piri chicken.

Even the packaging is made easy, with the Sauce-It marinade and baste powders contained in 3kg premium black plastic buckets that can easily be resealed.

What’s more, the lids are colour coded to easily identify the flavour.

This makes it easier for staff working in a busy shop environment, where English is not necessarily the first language.

And we can react to consumer trends and special customer requirements by creating other flavours such as BBQ and Moroccan.

Customers can purchase direct from one of our local depots across the UK, or through an approved distributor.

For more information about Sauce-It Piri Piri Marinades and Bastes and free samples, contact Karen on 07825 534309 or email: